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Release 0.91.1 (Test)

Release 0.88 (Production)

Release 0.86 (Production)

Release 0.85 (Production)

Release 0.80.6

Release 0.80.2

On the SaveAs/Export screen there is

Release 0.80.1 Tree (including Xml)

Release 0.69.1 (Production)

Changes from the last production release consist of

  1. Rewrite of Layout Wizard to
  2. New Show / Hide Field function
  3. New Prefered Layout.
  4. New unknown formats which can be used to display file contents.
  5. New Change layout function.
  6. Support for H2 Database's Mixed Mode (Generic version).
  7. Enhanced Copy utility
  8. Internal changes to support "Object Data Stores" like Protocol Buffers and Avro. See Protocol Buffer Editor and Avro Editor's.

The latest test version can be downloaded from Download

Release 0.68.2

Version 0.68.2 is a fix for HSQL running in embedded mode. There are some changes for utf-8 / 16 files as well.

Release 0.67/68

Version 0.67/0.68 is mainly about improving Cobol Support. Changes include:

  1. Support for Open Cobol (Standard + allmodes) and improved Fujitsu support. The Open Cobol - Microfocus mode should work with Microfocus Cobol (it is based on Open Cobol running in microfocus Compatibility mode).
  2. New File copy function. This utility can
  3. New Recent files item (File Menu)
  4. Table Paste function (edit menu), allows data to be pasted in from Excel etc).
  5. Reporting is now available in sister product ffreport (Flat File Reporting)
  6. Usual collection of bugfixes

Release 0.65

Version 0.65 is mostly rounding out of existing feature, the one enhancement is the File Compare utility. See Changes version 0.65 for more details. Briefly Changes are

Release 0.62

This release contains new "Tree" views, Combo boxs etc, See Changes version 0.62 for more details.

Release 0.61.2

Cleanup / bug fix, + Enhanced Wizard and XML import functions. See Changes version 0.61b for more details.

Release 0.61

Mainly Look and feel related. See Changes version 0.61 for more details.

Release 0.60

Mainly extra functions

Release 0.56

This version is mainly changes to the user Interface to improve ease use. Major changes are:

RecordEditor to Jasper

The RecordEditor ~ Jasper Interface has been released as a separate download. It requires RecordEditor and iReports be installed. This package:

  1. Illustrates calling RecordEditor routines
  2. Can design and generate reports from Fixed Field Width data files which includes Binary, Cobol and Mainframe/Cobol datafiles.

Release 0.55

This version is primary a refactoring of the code with aims of:


Other changes

Release 0.53

Changes in this release

Release 0.52.1 (Linux)

This release basically is to support Linux. Mostly it consists of changes to documentation

Release 0.52 (Mainframe)

This change was to support Mainframe Binary files.

Release 0.51

This version was to support Floating point numbers and bug fixes.

Release 0.50 Initial Release  The initial release of the RecordEditor


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