Changes in version 0.61

  • Editor Changes
  • Layout Editor Changes
  • Changes to Edit RecordEditor Startup Properties program
  • Looks and Feel Tab
  • Icon Tab
  • Defining Date Type

  • Changes in version 0.61

    The changes in version 0.61 are basically

    Editor Changes

    There are 5 main changes to the Editor

    1. Basic printing support added (via File --> Print drop down menu). This is only available in version Java 1.5 or latter.

    2. A new Full Line view added to the editor. This view will display the raw unformated lines.

    3. For Binary files, there is a new 3 line Hex option (Mainframe style Hex). You toggle between normal line and the three line option via the 1 line hex checkbox.

    4. Can now change the data using Text and Hex columns in the record display.

    5. You can create a view containing the currently selected rows via the Select View menu item.

    Layout Editor Changes

    Changes to the Layout Editor are

    Changes to Edit RecordEditor Startup Properties program

    The Properties Editor Program has been completely revamped. The various functions have been divided into logical groups and can be selected via the Tabs on the left of the screen.


    Lets you update system properties like Screen Position, Directories, Other Options

    JDBC Properties

    Lets you set / update the Database (JDBC) Connection properties RecordEditor backend DB.


    These options let you update the various JAR (java libraries) used by the RecordEditor. The only time you should need to do this " is if you are adding your own code to the RecordEditor or installing Velocity.


    These option let you define your own Types, formats to the RecordEditor


    This option lets you define the look and feel of the RecordEditor

    Looks and Feel Tab

    You can now choose from the Java builtin Look and Feels + several other Look and Feels (these require a seperate download). A word of warning, not all Look and Feels will work with the RecordEditor and even if they work they may slow down the editor (or at the very least slow down the startup), Also IU have not done thorough testing with any of Look and Feels. If you want an alternative Look and Feel, I would suggest looking at

    Note: OfficeLnFs only works on Windows and requires Java 1.5.

    Icon Tab

    You can now choose from a variety of different icon sets or create your own.

    Here are some of the icons:




    Defining Date Type

    There is now an option to define Date Types to the RecordEditor.

    The fields are

    Type Name

    Name of the Types as you will see it in the Layout Editor.

    Base Type

    What is the storage Format, for normal Text files choose Char, but in binary files you can use Binary Integer, Mainframe Packed Decimal etc.

    Date Format

    Format of the date (dd - Day, MM - Month, yy - Year etc). This field is Case Sensitive. Day and Year are lower case, Month is uppercase (mm is minutes).