Changes in version 0.61b

  • Installation
  • Bug fixs
  • Csv Array Description
  • Parameter Field
  • Wizard Enhancement
  • XML Import

  • Changes in version 0.61b


    Unzip the appropriate upgrade Zip file over your existing copy of RecordEditor 0.61.

    Note: This upgrade requires version 0.61 to be already installed.

    Note: Upgrade available at Test Download

    Bug fixs

    Bug fixs in this release include

    Csv Array Description

    Version 0.61a has a small extension to support Csv Arrays (or Csv fields with in CSV fields). i.e.

    Data: field one|field two|"embedded field1, embedded field2|embedded field11,embedded field22"|field four
    Field 1: field one
    Field 2: field two
    Field 3: array
       Array 1:
          Embedded Field 1: embedded field1
          Embedded Field 2: embedded field2
       Array 1:
          Embedded Field 1: embedded field11
          Embedded Field 2: embedded field 22
    Field 4: field four

    This can now be defined in the record Editor as:

    with the extra panel as follows:

    When editing a file, the field can be displayed in a "Combo Box" like dropdown window

    Parameter Field

    The Parameter field of a CSV array is defined as

    One Dimension

    <Seperator>Quote<Seperator>Field Seperator<Seperator>

    One Dimension

    <Seperator>Quote<Seperator>Field Seperator 1<Seperator>Field Seperator 2<Seperator>

    Where <Seperator> is any valid character.

    Here is a another example

    Wizard Enhancement

    The layout Wizard now lets you specify the default typ to be used for all fields

    Heading (2nd Wizard screen) displays correctly under Window Look and Feel:

    XML Import

    Two new Usage attribute options added to XML import format:


    For Character - Null terminated field (i.e. C:ehp. - Style String).


    For Character - Null padded field.

       1:<copybook filename="SAR4180C.txt">
       2:        <item level="03" name="R4180C-LOCATION-DETAIL-RECORD" position="1" display-length="15">
       3:                <item level="05" name="R4180C-LOCATION-DETAIL-ID" picture="X(3)" display-length="3" position="1" usage="null-terminated"/>
       4:                <item level="05" name="R4180C-LOCATION-NUMBER" picture="X(4)" display-length="4" position="4" usage="null-padded"/>
       5:                <item level="05" name="R4180C-QUANTITY" picture="-9(7)" display-length="8" numeric="true" position="8"/>
       6:        </item>