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Record Editor Family

RecordEditor Family

As well as the RecordEditor, there are 3 other editors built using the RecordEditor. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Once you learn to use one of the Editors you will be able to use any of the other Editor's.
  • Saved a huge amount of development time.
  • Greater functionality is available in the Editor


  • The other Editor's are not as well adapted to there tasks as specially written editor would be.

Editor Description
RecordEditor Edits Fixed Width, Csv and Xml files (to a lesser extent) using Record Descriptions stored in a Database. There is an option to import Cobol Copybooks in to the Database
CobolEditor Edits Cobol Data files using a Cobol Copybooks. Can also Edit Fixed Width / CSV files using a XML description. The CobolEditor comes as part of the RecordEditor package.
Protocol Buffers Editor Edit Google Protocol Buffers Binary message file using a Prot Description.

File Format Editor
Fixed Width RecordEditor
CSV File RecordEditor, reCsvEditor
Xml File RecordEditor, Xml needs more work though.
Cobol File RecordEditor, CobolEditor
Mainframe File RecordEditor
Cobol File RecordEditor
Protocol Buffers Binary File Protocol Buffers Editor
Avro Binary File Avro Editor


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