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Download Versions

Download Versions

New Users

This system comes in both pre-packaged with a Database (HSQLDB) and Generic versions (with out a Database). I strongly recommend you use a pre-packaged version if you can. For Windows User's I would recommend using the Windows Exe Install programs as it has better support for Windows than the Cross-Platform Jar installer. Linux users should use RecordEdit_Installer_for_HSQL_0.97g.jar.7z

If you want the Source, I would recommend downloading both a pre-packaged version and the source.

The generic versions require you to enter the Database Connection details and the JDBC Jar file. You will some understanging of JDBC to use this version.

If you have a prior version of the Record-Editor installed, you can upgrade to the latest version by downloading the appropriate Download Zip.

Version Pre-Packaged Source Comments
RecordEdit_Installer_for_HSQL_0.97g.exe.7z Yes No Windows Installer of RecordEditor with the HSQLDB database manager

Note: You must start the Database-Server (first time only) before you can use the system.

RecordEdit_Installer_for_HSQL_0.97g.jar.7z Yes No Cross platform installer (izpack) using HSQLDB for the database.

Note: You should start the Database-Server before you can use the system.

RecordEditor_USB_0.97g.7z Yes No This a standalone version of the Recordeditor, you just unzip it to a directory. It can be used on locked down corperate PC's where you can not install software or put on a USB drive and taken with you (you need java to run it though). Yes No Cross platform installer (izpack) where you can choose the Database. Obvious Database choices include H2, Sqlite, Apache Derby.

It is advisable to upgrade to the latest version using the upgrades from here


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